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Hello and welcome to Vintage Airfix, a site dedicated to Airfix fans. My name is Dan Parish. As a lifelong lover of Airfix I have always been astonished by the scope of plastic scale models produced by this British company. Their name has become synonymous with the hobby. A plastic scale model is often simply referred to as “an Airfix kit” even if made by another manufacturer. Airfix is the oldest UK manufacturer of plastic scale model kits and has been producing kits for the mass market since 1952. Now under the ownership of Hornby Hobbies Ltd, the Airfix brand keeps growing from strength to strength whilst remaining one of the world’s most recognisable and best-loved toy brands.

This site lists the contents of all the Airfix catalogues from 1962 to 2010. Each kit listed here has the catalogue, or patent, number that the kit appeared as and which catalogue it appeared in to help Airfix fans. Additionally, I’ve added the year the kit was first issued and the artist of the box type (if known). This information can be found under the Additional Information tab on the products page.

There are also some book reviews I have on titles that can be helpful for the modeler’s research into a variety of subjects. You’ll also find Airfix History including the dates of the Airfix box styles over the years.

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Vintage Airfix is compiled and owned by an Airfix enthusiast and dedicated to Airfix fans and enthusiasts worldwide to help them rekindle that childhood memory and learn a little bit more about Airfix and the kits they’ve produced over the years.