Airfix History

Humbrol Authenticard

In 1975 Humbrol Limited, then a divison of Borden (UK) Limited, released the first in a series of modellers reference library card entitled Authenticard. These were “a selection of authentic painting and information sheets covering Aircraft, Aircraft Insignia and Armoured Fighting Vehicles”. To the best of my knowledge only one set was ever produced. Series

A Brief History of Airfix

The following is a brief history of Airfix. 1939 – A Hungarian Jew by the name of Nicholas Kove set up a business in London manufacturing cheap rubber toys filled with air – the company was named Airfix. 1947 – Airfix manufacturing changed to plastic pocket combs. Kove introduced the first injection moulding machine into

Airfix Packaging Styles – Type

Originally compiled by Jeremy Brook at Airfix Collectors Club, edited by Dan Parish The term “type” refers to the layout, artwork and design of the header card or box. The header card is the piece of folded paper that is stapled to the top of the plastic bag that contains the kit parts. On the

The History of the Airfix Catalogue

The illustrated leaflets prior to 1962 The first “real” Airfix catalogue appeared in 1962 – see 1st Edition cover photograph later. Before that Airfix produced frequent kit lists – sometimes every month. Printed in simple duo-tone, these flimsy and very rare publications were the earliest illustrated kit listings from the manufacturer. 1958 – This is