Waterloo Assault Set

Waterloo Assault Set

A fabulous new addition to the range, this set enables the enthusiastic wargamer or historian to recreate a part of this epic battle. The set contains a clip-together model of the farmhouse Le Haye Sainte, British artillery, infantry and infantry. There is also an accessory pack, and add extra realism, that contains wagons, barricades, supplies and tools. - Taken from the 11th edition catalogue (1974)

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Airfix Series (first appearance) 1
Rarity of early version Very Rare
First Issued 1974
Catalogue Ref - 11th Edition (1974) 51653-6
Catalogue Ref - 12th Edition (1975) 51653-6
Catalogue Ref - 13th Edition (1976) 40604-4
Catalogue Ref - 14th Edition (1977) 40604-4
Catalogue Ref - 15th Edition (1978) 40604-4
Catalogue Ref - 16th Edition (1979) 40604-4
Catalogue Ref - 17th Edition (1980) 40604-4


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