Japanese Infantry

Japanese Infantry

A new style of figure kit is now available to the modeller with these 1:32nd scale multi-pose packs. More than 100 parts are contained in each box enabling six figures to be built in a variety of positions. Interchangeability is the key to these remarkable sets. Torsos, limbs, heads and weapons can be cemented in any pose desired and the fully explanatory instruction leaflet provides colours, history and insignia for each set. Transfers are included together with a full colour painting guide. The first two sets are the British 8th Army and the German Afrika Korps, each set having a generous supply of weapons and equipment. - Taken from the 14th edition catalogue (1977)

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Airfix Series (first appearance) 3
First Issued 1977
Catalogue Ref - 14th Edition (1977) 03584-2
Catalogue Ref - 15th Edition (1978) 03584-2
Catalogue Ref - 16th Edition (1979) 04584-5
Catalogue Ref - 17th Edition (1980) 04584-5
Catalogue Ref - 2005 Edition 3584
Catalogue Ref - 2006 Edition 3584
Catalogue Ref - 2007 Edition 3584
Artist on Box Type 5 William Stallion


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