High Chaparral Cowboys

High Chaparral Cowboys

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In this group of 42 pieces straight from the old 'Wild West' the cowboy heroes and villains, some on horseback and some on foot and all of them from the famous T.V. series. - Taken from the 7th edition catalogue (1969)

7th Edition Catalogue (1969), this set replaced Cowboy Group as S7.

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Airfix Series (first appearance) 1
Rarity of early version Scarce
First Issued 1970
Catalogue Ref - 7th Edition (1969) S7
Catalogue Ref - 8th Edition (1970) S38
Catalogue Ref - 9th Edition (1971) S38
Catalogue Ref - 10th Edition (1973) 01738-1
Catalogue Ref - 11th Edition (1974) 01738-1
Catalogue Ref - 12th Edition (1975) 01738-1
Artist on Box Type 3 Brian Knight


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