15-ton Diesel-Hydraulic Crane

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The Airfix model of this 15-ton Diesel Hydraulic Crane is fully operating and is made from 79 detailed parts. The boom and crane are raised and lowered by means of the key provided. They turn through a complete circle, the crane platform is mounted on a pair of 4-wheel bogies. Correct transfer markings are included and the kit is in two colours, wheels black, remainder authentic red. Choice of coupling is supplied dummy scale or "Buckeye". – Taken from the 1st edition catalogue (1962)

17th edition catalogue (1980), listed as 15-ton Diesel Crane from 15-ton Diesel-Hydraulic Crane.

17th edition catalogue (1980), recorded as a Series 3 kit.

Additional information

Airfix Series (first appearance)


First Issued


Catalogue Ref - 1st Edition (1962)


Catalogue Ref - 2nd Edition (1963)


Catalogue Ref - 3rd Edition (1964)


Catalogue Ref - 4th Edition (1966)


Catalogue Ref - 17th Edition (1980)


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