Republic F105G Thunderchief “Wild Weasel”


The F105G Wild Weasel was a development of the original F105 Thunderchief bomber – the aircraft which bore the largest burden of combat sorties flown by American pilots during the Vietnam War. As a bomber, mainly built to F105D specification, the Thunderchief was a very large, single seat, supersonic aircraft that could absorb phenomenal amounts of damage and still return to base. Republic subsequently built 143 two-seaters with special avionics, Strike and ARM anti-radar missiles. The role of these F105's was to destroy enemy defensive radar – which could detect air attacks and control surface to air missilies or anti-aircraft artillery. The aircraft had special equipment for the detection, identification and acquisition of radar targets. The F105G was eventually replaced in USAF service by a 'Wild Weasel' version of the McDonnell – Douglas F4 Phantom. – Taken from the 1990 edition catalogue

1988 edition catalogue, recorded as a new kit.

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Airfix Series (first appearance)


First Issued


Catalogue Ref - 1988 Edition


Catalogue Ref - 1989 Edition


Catalogue Ref - 1990 Edition


Artist on Box Type 9

James Goulding

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