Night Prowler

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Exotic names, exciting colour schemes, and throaty exhausts are the hallmarks of the latest hobby involving customised saloon cars. The craze started in America some years ago and is now on the increase in the U.K., the products of the hobby being known as Street Mavhines. For the car modeller, Airfix have produced a range of four 1:32nd customised car kits, based on saloons of the 1960's. The models can be customised just like the real thing with 'jacked up' suspension units, wide tyres, side exhausts and a variety of extra custom parts. Transformation produces such models as Krackle Kat, Night Prowler and Kansas Kruiser which come complete with colouful decals; average length of the cars is 135mm. – Taken from the 1981 edition catalogue

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Airfix Series (first appearance)


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Catalogue Ref - 1981 Edition


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