Junkers Ju87 Stuka

Junkers Ju87 Stuka

Complementing the other Second World War subjects in the 1:48th scale range is this new kit of the German Stuka dive-bomber. One of two versions can be built, either the Ju87B-2 with underwing bombs and markings for an aircraft based in North Africa, or a Ju87R based in Russia and fitted with long-range fuel tanks. Although simple to construct, the complete model has full external detail, a cockpit with two crew and moving wheels and propeller. Wing span of the model is 290mm. - Taken from the 1981 edition catalogue

1991 edition catalogue, listed as Junkers Ju 87B-2/R Stuka from Junkers Ju87 Stuka.

1992 edition catalogue, listed as Stuka from Junkers Ju 87B-2/R Stuka.

1993 edition catalogue, listed as Junkers 87B-2/R Stuka from Stuka.

1997 edition catalogue, listed as Junkers Ju87B-2/R Stuka from Junkers 87B-2/R Stuka.

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Airfix Series (first appearance) 5
First Issued 1981
Catalogue Ref - 1981 Edition 05100-4
Catalogue Ref - 1982 Edition 05100-4
Catalogue Ref - 1983 Edition 9 05100
Catalogue Ref - 1984 Edition 9 05100
Catalogue Ref - 1991 Edition 5100
Catalogue Ref - 1992 Edition 5100
Catalogue Ref - 1993 Edition 5100
Catalogue Ref - 1994 Edition 5100
Catalogue Ref - 1995 Edition 5100
Catalogue Ref - 1996 Edition 5100
Catalogue Ref - 1997 Edition 5100
Catalogue Ref - 2010 Edition A05100
Catalogue Ref - 2011 Edition A05100
Catalogue Ref - 2012 Edition A05100
Catalogue Ref - 2013 Edition A05100
Catalogue Ref - 2014 Edition A05100
Catalogue Ref - 2015 Edition A05100
Artist on Box Type 7 Photo
Artist on Box Type 16 Adam Tooby


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