Porsche Passion

Porsche Passion

By Lance Cole


In a book of Porsche photography and engaging conversation, Lance Cole journeys through a personal passion for Porsche –one that many supercar enthusiasts share.

Herein light falls on sculpted metal and paint – shiny and less shiny. Throwing off the conventions of Porsche purism, yet at the same time always respecting the origins of Porsche, and the status of the 911, this is a book that celebrates the engineering and the design language of Porsche amid its culture. From an “oily-rag” 356 to old 911s and new 911s, with a brief alighting upon other cars of the Porsche clan, this is an eclectic collection of enthusiasts “moments” captured across a British Porsche landscape.

Vintage Airfix Review:

As a lifelong lover of Porsche, I was really looking forward to spending some time with this book. Lance Cole has produced a great book and included his own pictures of some remarkable and beautiful machines.

Recommended reading for all Porsche fans.

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