Lost at Sea in Mysterious Circumstances

Lost at Sea in Mysterious Circumstances

Vanishings and Undiscovered Shipwrecks

By Richard M Jones


When you think of something being lost at sea, you imagine a ship sinking gracefully, the survivors being rescued or a tragedy being caught on camera. But what if a ship is lost at sea without trace? What if an aircraft takes off on a routine flight and is never seen again? This book details over fifty of the most mysterious vanishings, ships that have made headlines but have never been found, both famous and forgotten cases that have left an outward ripple of tragedy and mystique.

Most people have heard of the Mary Celeste crew vanishing, but how many knew that this was not the last case of an entire crew going missing? What about the three Scottish lighthouse keepers who were never seen again? Or the world famous aviation pioneers who took flight to never return?

This book will tell you that MH370 was not the first airliner to disappear over the sea, nor was the Bermuda Triangle actually the cause of so many disappearing ships. How could six airplanes disappear in one day? Why did a ship with over 300 people on board not send a single distress call? Which ships vanished and then later messages in a bottle suddenly turn up, not just once but two separate shipwrecks?

Lost at Sea in Mysterious Circumstances will cover all these and more as we reveal the stories of some of the most fascinating incidents above and below the waves.

Vintage Airfix Review:

This book contains some of the most mysterious disappearances at sea. Some of these have been the subject of tall tales and legends for many years, such as the legend of Mary Celeste.

Reading this well-written and fascinating book has raised a number of questions, some of which have been addressed, while others remain unanswered.

I found this book to be a really enjoyable read, that anyone would be delighted to have in their library.

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