Jungle Headquaters

Jungle Headquaters

Set in the Far East with particular emphasis on the Second World War, this native longhouse provides numerous possibilities for the modeler and wargamer.

Simple to construct and intended for use with the Airfix range of OO scale figures, this kit includes a pre-formed base on which to stand the hut and there are a number of accessories to add that extra touch of realism to the scene. A full painting guide aids the finishing of the items and there is also included ideas for the construction of an alternative diorama base. - Taken from the 14th edition catalogue (1977)

1999 edition catalogue, recorded as a new kit.

1999 edition catalogue, listed as Jungle Outpost from Jungle Headquaters.

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Airfix Series (first appearance) 4
Rarity of early version Scarce
First Issued 1977
Catalogue Ref - 14th Edition (1977) 04381-8
Catalogue Ref - 15th Edition (1978) 04381-8
Catalogue Ref - 16th Edition (1979) 04381-8
Catalogue Ref - 17th Edition (1980) 04381-8
Catalogue Ref - 1999 Edition 3382
Catalogue Ref - 2000 Edition 3382
Catalogue Ref - 2001 Edition 3382
Catalogue Ref - 2002 Edition 3382
Catalogue Ref - 2003 Edition 3382
Catalogue Ref - 2004 Edition 3382
Catalogue Ref - 2005 Edition 3382
Catalogue Ref - 2006 Edition 3382
Catalogue Ref - 2007 Edition 3382
Catalogue Ref - 2008 Edition A03382
Catalogue Ref - 2009 Edition A03382
Catalogue Ref - 2010 Edition A03382
Artist on Box Type 5 William Stallion


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