F-15 A/B Eagle

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This single seater air superiority fighter is said to be the world's number one aircraft of this category and is currently in use with the USAF, Israeli and Japanese airforces. – Taken from the 1992 edition catalogue

1992 edition catalogue, listed as part of the Hi-Tech Fighters series.

1993 edition catalogue, listed as Mc Donnell Douglas F-15 A/B Eagle from F-15 A/B Eagle.

1994 edition catalogue, listed as McDonnell-Douglas F15 A/B Eagle from Mc Donnell Douglas F-15 A/B Eagle.

Additional information

Airfix Series (first appearance)


First Issued


Catalogue Ref - 1992 Edition


Catalogue Ref - 1993 Edition


Catalogue Ref - 1994 Edition


Artist on Box Type 10

Gavin McLeod

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