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The huge dinosaurs that roamed the world 225 million years ago have for long been a source of fascination. Monsters in every sense of the word, some reaching up to 90ft in length and weighing as much as 20 tons, these primitive reptiles existed in various forms for a period of 130 million years before mysteriously becoming extinct.

Now, 65 million years later, Airfix brings to the modelling world, kits of these remarkable creatures. Dominant among the flesh-eaters of those far-off times was Tyrannosaurus Rex or 'tyrant lizard', a dinosaur which in model form captures the fearsome appearance of the original. To help combat the awesome carnivores and afford them some protection, there evolved a family of armour-plated dinosaurs of which three are included in this series, the three-horned Triceratops, Stegosaurus and the small Ankylosaurus. Two other models in the range are the Dimetrodon with its distinctive sail-like membrane and the larger Corythosaurus.

This expanding series of detailed kits is easy to assemble and great fun to paint and display as well as being educational. – Taken from the 15th edition catalogue (1978)

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