Battle on Hoth

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One of our new type of Star Wars kits the Snap-Fix Action Scenes that put you in the middle of the action. Attack with Darth Vader's Imperial Troops or defend the Rebel Stronghold on this 12" x 18" Action Scene. Snap together three AT-AT Walkers, one X Wing Fighter, one scout walker, three Snowspeeders and add almost 50 figures, then You control the Action. – Taken from the 1982 edition catalogue

1984 edition catalogue, listed as Battle on Ice Planet Hoth from Battle on Hoth.

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Airfix Series (first appearance)


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Catalogue Ref - 1982 Edition


Catalogue Ref - 1983 Edition

9 10173

Catalogue Ref - 1984 Edition

9 10173

Catalogue Ref - 1985 Edition


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