B.R. Brake Van

B.R. Brake Van

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The standard 20-ton B.R. Brake Van is the subject of this Airfix Construction kit. Moulded in B.R. matt brown to reduce the amount of painting necessary, this 46-part kit contains choice of couplings, brake lamps, running boards, vacuum pipes, brake shoes and vacuum brake cylinder. The transfer sheet provides correct markings to finish off this essential piece of equipment. - Taken from the 1st edition catalogue (1962)

8th edition catalogue (1970), listed as Brake Van from B.R. Brake Van.

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Airfix Series (first appearance) 1
First Issued 1961
Catalogue Ref - 1st Edition (1962) R4
Catalogue Ref - 2nd Edition (1963) R4
Catalogue Ref - 3rd Edition (1964) R4
Catalogue Ref - 4th Edition (1966) R4
Catalogue Ref - 8th Edition (1970) R4
Catalogue Ref - 9th Edition (1971) R4
Catalogue Ref - 10th Edition (1973) 02658-9
Catalogue Ref - 11th Edition (1974) 02658-9
Catalogue Ref - 12th Edition (1975) 02658-9
Catalogue Ref - 13th Edition (1976) 02658-9
Catalogue Ref - 14th Edition (1977) 02658-9
Catalogue Ref - 15th Edition (1978) 02658-9
Catalogue Ref - 16th Edition (1979) 02658-9


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