Saab Celebration

Saab Celebration

By Lance Cole


Saab has gone, but its cars and its loyal band of owners remain. In this photographic album, internationally known Saab author and commentator Lance Cole celebrates all things Saab.

In a collection of over 200 photographic images accompanied by a detailed yet engaging commentary, the book delivers a record of Saab from its first car to its last. The engineering, design, and ethos of Saab’s cars across the generations are captured in all their glory.

The author of many Saab articles and several Saab books, this is Lance Cole’s new view on Sweden’s other car maker – one that really did build cars to a different standard.

Saab Celebration is designed to be a memorial companion for the Saab fan. If you like Saabs, then enjoy this tribute to all things Saab.

Vintage Airfix Review:

Lance Cole’s knowledge and enthusiasm for SAAB’s history is impressive and somewhat contagious. There are many excellent images, and the information is written in Cole’s usual style, which makes you feel more like you’re having a one-sided chat with a mate.

I wasn’t much of a SAAB fan before reading this book. And to be honest, I’m still not a fan of the newer SAAB. But the older ones are impressive and worth a second look.

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