Land Craft 10: Landing Craft & Amphibians

Land Craft 10: Landing Craft & Amphibians

By Ben Skipper


From the wars of antiquity to the recent events in South West Asia, landing craft and amphibians have been an ever-present seaborne and battle space asset in one form or another for the commander wanting to get boots on the ground. Refined during the Second World War with the introduction of the Amphibian, and again with the perfection of the hovercraft, the landing craft’s finest hour in popular consciousness occurred on 6 June 1944.

This Land Craft title focuses on Landing Craft and Amphibian development during the Second World War as versatile seaborne assets. The book also looks at the post-war evolution of the Landing Craft and Amphibians, and how the simple concepts of their design remain alive and in use almost a century later.

This Land Craft title offers the modeller an exciting range of subjects, era and theatre choices, especially those modelling the Second World War

Vintage Airfix Review:

This edition to the Land Craft series really packs a punch. There is a lot of information to cover in this topic, and further reading is recommended on specific vehicles. In any case, what’s in here is a great starting point and it’s worth keeping on hand for your library.

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