Strutz Bearcat

Strutz Bearcat

This detailed 1/25th scale kit of one of America's most famous vintage sports cars captures the racy lines of Harry Stutz's design. A two-seater powered by a 6 1/2-litre side valve engine, the Bearcat was claimed to posses a maximum speed of 80 m.p.h., no mean achievement for a car of that period. Chromed parts, rubber-like tyres and a miniature engine are just some of the features of this eye-catching model. - Taken from the 15th edition catalogue (1978)

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Airfix Series (first appearance) 6
First Issued 1978
Catalogue Ref - 15th Edition (1978) 06404-6
Catalogue Ref - 16th Edition (1979) 06404-6
Catalogue Ref - 17th Edition (1980) 06404-6
Artist on Box Type 5 Photo


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