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The description below is taken from the Airfix catalogue this kit was first seen in. There is also extra information underneath the main catalogues description including any changes to the name of this kit in the catalogues.

Airfix Catalogue description:

Now one of the best known London landmarks at her moorings on the Embankment, the Discovery won fame as the vessel built for Captain Scott's first Antarctic Expedition of 1901-1903. Included in this comprehensive kit are preformed sails and figures of explorers, huskies and sledges. - Taken from the 7th edition catalogue (1969)

13th edition catalogue (1976), listed as 'Discovery' from Discovery.

1988 edition catalogue, recorded as a new kit.

1988 edition catalogue, listed as part of the Classic Ships Special Editions range.

1988 edition catalogue, listed as Discovery from 'Discovery'.

1993 edition catalogue, listed as Discovery 1901 from Discovery.

Airfix Series (first appearance): 9
First Issued: 1971

Box art Artists
Information taken from: Airfix Collectors Club, Artist and Kit list - 6th Ed. Compiled by Jeremy Brook.
Artist on Box Type 3: Brian Knight

This kit appeared in these catalogues:
7th Edition (1969) Ref: 905
8th Edition (1970) Ref: 905
9th Edition (1971) Ref: 905
10th Edition (1973) Ref: 09255-5
11th Edition (1974) Ref: 09255-5
12th Edition (1975) Ref: 09255-5
13th Edition (1976) Ref: 09255-5
14th Edition (1977) Ref: 09255-5
17th Edition (1980) Ref: 09255-5
1988 Edition Ref: 09255
1989 Edition Ref: 09255
1990 Edition Ref: 09255
1992 Edition Ref: 09255
1993 Edition Ref: 09255
1994 Edition Ref: 09255
1995 Edition Ref: 09255
1996 Edition Ref: 09255
1997 Edition Ref: 09255
1998 Edition Ref: 09255
1999 Edition Ref: 09255
2000 Edition Ref: 09255
2001 Edition Ref: 09255

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