Heinkel HE 111 H-20 - 484

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Heinkel HE 111 H-20

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  • The description below is taken from the Airfix catalogue this kit was first seen in. There is also extra information underneath the main catalogues description including the changes to the name of this kit in the catalogues.

    Airfix Catalogue description:

    All the care and attention to detail given to every Airfix model has gone into the 79 parts of this kit. Consequently the model it makes is an excellent scale reproduction of the famous German medium bomber. The HE 111 was used extensively by the Luftwaffe in World War II. In fact it was the HE 111 that was the mainstay of the German offensive against Great Britain during the "Battle of Britain". However, this particular model, the H-20 was used mainly on the Russian front. Powered by two Junkers Juno 213 engines it had a top speed of 295 m.p.h., and a service ceiling of 32,800 feet. Maximum bomb load was 8,000 lbs. and defensive armament consisted of three MG 131 13mm. machine guns and twin 7.9mm. machine guns in each of the two beam positions. - Taken from the 2nd edition catalogue (1963)

    10th edition catalogue (1973), listed as Heinkel He 111H-20 from Heinkel HE 111 H-20.

    1987 edition catalogue, recorded as a Series 5 kit.

    1987 edition catalogue, listed as Heinkel He III from Heinkel He 111H-20.

    Airfix Series (first appearance): 4
    First Issued: 1962

    Box art Artists
    Information taken from: Airfix Collectors Club, Artist and Kit list - 6th Ed. Compiled by Jeremy Brook.
    Artist on Box Type 3: Roy Cross
    Artist on Box Type 10: John Wallis
    Artist on Box Type 16: Adam Tooby

    This kit appeared in these catalogues:
    2nd Edition (1963) Ref: 484
    3rd Edition (1964) Ref: 484
    4th Edition (1966) Ref: 484
    5th Edition (1967) Ref: 484
    6th Edition (1968) Ref: 484
    7th Edition (1969) Ref: 484
    8th Edition (1970) Ref: 484
    9th Edition (1971) Ref: 484
    10th Edition (1973) Ref: 04004-4
    11th Edition (1974) Ref: 04004-4
    12th Edition (1975) Ref: 04004-4
    13th Edition (1976) Ref: 04004-4
    14th Edition (1977) Ref: 04004-4
    15th Edition (1978) Ref: 04004-4
    16th Edition (1979) Ref: 04004-4
    17th Edition (1980) Ref: 04004-4
    1982 Edition Ref: 04004-4
    1983 Edition Ref: 9 04004
    1984 Edition Ref: 9 04004
    1987 Edition Ref: 05021
    1988 Edition Ref: 05021
    1989 Edition Ref: 05021
    2001 Edition Ref: 05021
    2002 Edition Ref: 05021
    2003 Edition Ref: 05021
    2004 Edition Ref: 05021
    2010 Edition Ref: A05021
    2011 Edition Ref: A05021
    2012 Edition Ref: A05021
    2013 Edition Ref: A05021
    2014 Edition Ref: A05021


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