Canberra - F501S

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The description below is taken from the Airfix catalogue this kit was first seen in. There may also be extra information underneath the main catalogues description.

Airfix Catalogue description:

The largest turbo-electric passenger liner ever built in Britain has been described as "The ship that shapes the future". This description could also well apply to this new Construction kit by Airfix which produces a fully detailed 16 1/2 inch model of this modern passenger liner. When the eighty-six parts of this kit have been carefully assembled and painted you will have a model you can be proud of because it really will look "just like the real thing". - Taken from the 1st edition catalogue (1962)

3rd edition catalogue (1964), listed as S.S. Caberra from Caberra.

Airfix Series: 5
Rarity of early version: Scarce
First Issued: 1961

Artists information below is taken from:
Airfix Collectors Club, Artist and Kit list - 6th Ed. Compiled by Jeremy Brook.
Artist on Box Type 3: Roy Cross

This kit appeared in these catalogues:
1st Edition (1962) Ref: F501S
2nd Edition (1963) Ref: F501S
3rd Edition (1964) Ref: F501S
4th Edition (1966) Ref: F501S
5th Edition (1967) Ref: F501S
6th Edition (1968) Ref: F501S
7th Edition (1969) Ref: F501S
8th Edition (1970) Ref: F501S
9th Edition (1971) Ref: F501S
10th Edition (1973) Ref: 05201-6
11th Edition (1974) Ref: 05201-6
12th Edition (1975) Ref: 05201-6
13th Edition (1976) Ref: 05201-6
14th Edition (1977) Ref: 05201-6
15th Edition (1978) Ref: 05201-6
1998 Edition Ref: 05201
1999 Edition Ref: 05201
2000 Edition Ref: 05201
2001 Edition Ref: 05201
2002 Edition Ref: 05201

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