Small Starter Set Sherman Firefly

Small Starter Set Sherman Firefly



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With the American built M4 Sherman Tank available to Allied forces in large numbers the British decided to match their successful 17-pounder anti-tank gun with the latest version of the Sherman in the hope that they could produce a tank capable of challenging the feared German Tiger and Panther heavy tanks.

Requiring quite significant redesign of the turret and with the gun mounted on its side the 17-pounder equipped Shermans became arguably the most effective Allied tanks of the Second World War and were easily capable of knocking out any German tanks they encountered following the Normandy landings. Given the name Firefly unwary German tank commanders who assumed this new Allied tank was just a standard Sherman were in for an unwelcome surprize and they quickly learned to be wary of the lo gun barrels of the Sherman Fireflys.

Complete with painting guides water-based acrylic paint adhesive and a brush this kit is a great start to anyone's model building career! To further extend the pure enjoyment Airfix can bring to so many these new simpler to build and paint STARTER SETs are perfect for any beginner. This fantastic new model comes not only come with a more child-friendly build but also easy to model tracks for the tank to sit on.

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