QUICKBUILD Jeep ‘Quicksand’ Concept

QUICKBUILD Jeep ‘Quicksand’ Concept



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Quickbuild allows you to create a wide variety of iconic scale models. No paint or glue is required the push together brick system results in in a realistic scale model that is compatible with other plastic brick brands. Suitable as an introduction to modelling for any age of 6 and up the pre coloured pieces simply push together to build an impressive model which can then be decorated with the included self-adhesive stickers. When built they are tough enough to be used as toys or smart enough to use as display models.

A mix of the iconic Jeep Wrangler with the concept of a hot rod gives you this amazing Jeep Quicksand Concept created for enthusiasts who love the sand life! The Jeep Quicksand concept features a longer wheelbase than the standard two-door Wrangler. The body has been trimmed in the front and the rear while the hardtop and the windshield have been chopped giving the Quicksand a longer faster and lower appearance. With an open-top and no windows you are exposed to the elements of the outdoors and can take in the sound and the wind from your journeys.

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