Messerschmitt Me262A-1a

Messerschmitt Me262A-1a

Described by famous British test pilot Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown as the most formidable aircraft of WWII, the Messerschmitt Me 262 was a quantum leap in aviation performance terms and stands as one of the most significant aircraft in the history of flight. Had the Luftwaffe been able to deploy large numbers of these impressive fighters, they would have taken a heavy toll of Allied aircraft.

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Airfix Series (first appearance) 3
First Issued 2017
Catalogue Ref - 2017 Edition A03088
Catalogue Ref - 2018 Edition A03088
Catalogue Ref - 2019 Edition A03088
Catalogue Ref - 2020 Edition A03088
Artist on Box Type 16 Adam Tooby


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