Hawker Demon

Hawker Demon



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About the Aircraft:

The period between the First and Second World Wars was a golden era for British aviation and saw the introduction of some of the most attractive aircraft to see RAF service. With their gleaming silver fuselages and bright squadron markings available for you to replicate on this Airfix model many of these aircraft also represented the absolute pinnacle of biplane aviation technology. The introduction of the Hawker Hart light bomber proved to be something of an embarrassment for the RAF as it was faster than the current fighter aircraft in service. The answer to this problem was simple ask Hawker Aviation to build a fighter version of their Hart.?

Powered by the mighty Rolls Royce Kestrel engine the new two seat Hart Fighter proved to be a great success and even though it was quickly renamed Demon to differentiate between the two aircraft. Just over 300 of these elegant fighters would eventually be produced. Unfortunately this golden era for biplanes occurred just as the first monoplane designs were being developed and their reign would prove to be a short if glorious one. Just as the Demon had been introduced the performance of the new Bristol Blenheim would render it obsolete as a fighter almost overnight.?

About the Model:

Despite the sudden redundancy the Hawker Demon certainly isn't obsolete when it comes to style and reliability which you can now bring home for your Airfix model range! Featuring an eye-catching livery as well as plenty of history now's the perfect chance to make the Hawker Demona must-have addition to you collection or as a gift for that aircraft enthusiast in your life.

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