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Airfix Magazine Guides by Daniel Parish Topic: Airfix Publications

These small A5-sized books were hardback, in black/white. First produced in 1974 and were released two at a time, usually four a year. A total of 28 are known, these are listed below with their authors name and the books blurb. They were published by Patrick Stephens Ltd.

Airfix - Britains Next Top Model? by Daniel Parish Topic: Airfix History

One of the most famous names in toys is back, after going bust.

Humbrol Authenticard by Daniel Parish Topic: Modelling help

In 1975 Humbrol Limited, then a divison of Borden (UK)  Limited, released the first in a series of modellers reference library card  entitled Authenticard. These were “a selection of authentic painting and  information sheets covering Aircraft, Aircraft Insignia and Armou...

Airfix to Humbrol Paint List by Daniel Parish Topic: Modelling help

Airfix to Humbrol Paint List

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