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Maserati Bora

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The description below is taken from the Airfix catalogue this kit was first seen in. There may also be extra information underneath the main description.

Airfix Catalogue description:

Mid-engined layout, sleek elegance and performance to match sums up the Bora. First produced in the early seventies, the Bora makes an ideal subject for an Airfix construction kit. When built the model has a length of 177mm.

Airfix Catalogue information:
Series: 6
Rarity of early version: Rare.
First Issued: 1980
Catalogue Ref - 1981 Edition: 06413-0
Catalogue Ref - 1992 Edition: 05402
Catalogue Ref - 1993 Edition: 05402
Catalogue Ref - 1994 Edition: 05402


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